For quite a while now I have been fascinated by different comics and graphic novels. I grew up hearing frequently how bad comics were. They were bad influence, supposedly made you stupid. Well, they could not have been such a bad influence. But as it goes so much negativity leaves a lasting impression. For quite a while I felt actually bad reading a comic. Thinking I should rather read a book. There was a time when I would have never read a comic book in public. Working on a set of posters which combined text, images I realised just how much comic and art are connected.
Many of those guys drawing comics are great artists. I love the combination of text and images. The comic style allows the development of works which are beautiful hotbed of ideas. They are comparable to a poem or a song.
I like how all kinds of ideas are evolved through text and image, the possibility to venture in different directions in text and image, or to explain each other.

Working on illustrations for a children’s book an idea suddenly hit me. I realised how much I enjoyed working on creating an entire story as opposed to simple one image at a time projects.
Immediately I got my note book out and started to sketch down the initial ideas.


I have started working on the comic. Done some studies on, well paper cups. Initial drawings on paper, later scanned and “inked”.