from screen to banner

From computer screen, or rather layout to real banner. Nice to have both layout and actual banner in the office at the same time. I just picked up the finished banner, and will deliver it Sunday to the Station Museum.

School logo

FDW spend it's time working on trees. Not in the garden or the forest but on the drawing board. A new logo for Rochester school. The colourful leaves represent the variety of kids, the roots are the foundations laid in school.

Large scale print

I just delivered the first fence panels to the Port Moody station museum. They look amazing. Perfect colour. It's printed on a very durable mesh, which guarantees many years of outdoor use and should not turn into a sail and take off.  More images / fence panels to follow.  Standing…

PTSD awarness

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Whistler to walk with Terrance Kosikar. He has been flipping a tire for 30 to raise awareness about PTSD.Come out and support this great cause. I will be wearing my Great War uniform. During the Great War - it was called shell shock. Often…


Over the last couple days I did a lot of dropping off various print products to clients. It's nice to be the first one to see posters and banners before passing them on. Much like books I enjoy the smell of a newly printed banner or a dozen fresh of…