The amount of wood needed for a trench is quite considerable. The earth walls need to be secured, wood is needed to build a shelter, ladders and duckboads to walk on.
Thanks to the generous support from Mill & Timber much needed wood arrived and allowed the group to continue the work.

As if the trench was not enough work the group decided to add a bunker to the system. Many hours were spent by the dedicated team to dig and construct a bunker.


Friday December 19, Dig

The bunker and trench are growing.

The shoring of the first part of the trench is completed. The walls are secured with posts and wire. The bunker is complete, walls and floor are covered. This Friday the first sandbags were added to bunker’s roof.

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The dedicated core group works hard to build the trench. All work is done just as it would have been done during the great war, digging by hand and avoiding modern material for draining the trench.  When it rains the trench is pumped dry and work continues no matter what. Most work gets done during weekends.


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