Trench Finished

The trench is now finished and final work is being done to get things ready for the Dedication Ceremony on Saturday April 4th 2:00 pm.
Everyone is invited to watch the ceremony and tour the trench.
Thank you everyone, to all those that worked on the trench, donated money or material or just came by to see how we were progressing.
It was a team effort to get this project completed and is probably something we will never want to do again, our shovels are broken and our gloves are worn out and our wood is all used up and the large box of nails is empty. Allan is resting his back and the shell craters are full of water. The work is done. The trench is finished. Please join us on April 4th – you are invited.

Too Tired To Blog

Last Saturday 6 Engineer cadets returned to the McKnight trench display and completed the barbed wire field defense, dug shell craters and filled and carried many sand bags. Weather was great. So much work done in one day. No more sand bags left in our QM stores hut and my gloves are worn out from digging. This project could not have gotten to its final stage of 95% completed without so much help from so many people. Thank you.

Today’s Surprise

Work continued as usual this Saturday with a full contingent of our trench gang and we were very surprised when a truck load of Army Cadets arrived to lend us a hand.

Half a dozen members of the Royal Westminster Regiment Army Cadet Corps from Aldergrove came out unannounced, wanting to help build the trench. We were very surprised and very pleased.

And once again they worked hard, filling sand bags, and installing barbed wire. Thank you for your great help. Another interesting item is Lieutenant McKnight’s relative has made a donation to the trench project, thank you Keith.