Trench Tours

If anyone would like to see the trench you can view it from the balcony at the museum when the museum is open. If you want a walk through the trench, please check with the museum to see if anyone is available.  Tours do not start until July.

Centennial Trench Opening Ceremony

Opening of the centennial trench. Despite minor disturbances by some demonstrators it was a great event. Our many speakers were just great. As mentioned by many it’s the actions of men and women in the past that gives us our freedom today. The trench is a great leading experience. From the no man’s land, the path leads into the trench, and exits in the meditation garden.
Had the demonstrator paid any attention they would have noticed the symbolic movement from war to peace.
We will remember and we will make sure many will learn about the past to avoid mistakes in the future.

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2015-04-04 13.50.16