Trench Digging

Another Saturday working on the McKnight Trench. Our little group of volunteers spent yesterday moving a large shed from the back of the museum to a new location at the side of the station building. Moving the shed will allow us more room to construct our enemy trench and increase the size of our battle worn no man’s land. We are finally approaching the last stage of trench construction of the allied trench. We are battling weather hoping to get things done before winter shuts us down. More Army cadets are expected to be out helping us on the trench very soon and we appreciate their help, they don’t mind getting dirty and wet and never complain. One of our volunteers is Mr. Sonny Son who is a war veteran. Although he may be the oldest member of our group he has the ability to outwork everyone, quite amazing to watch. Thank you again to everyone that has helped us and especially those that donated building materials and to Western Command Military Vehicle Historical Society for their cash donation. Thanks Harry and Cary for making it happen.

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