New Perspective

Saturday at the trench was again muddy due to recent rain, the trench is a deep wide ditch with a dirty stream in the middle that makes its way into no man’s land.

The group today consisted of myself, Allan, Sean and Sonny. We took another look at the firing trench and figured things needed to be changed, enlarged with additional trench section added to cover the entire width of the back lot. We  got to work digging, added a shelter onto the side of one trench section and built endless trench boards. Trench boards are 6 feet 4 inches long according to the 1921 Field Works manual but due to necessity we have made each section of boards different lengths, made to fit each part of the trench.

We had a few visitors and donation of two large boxes of nails from our Patron, Colonel Jim Happer CD and Tree Island Steel of Richmond, BC. Thank you both.

We are busy trying to get the trench exhibit completed before April 2015. So far weather is cooperating with no snow or frozen ground. We will let everyone know when it is completed and open for guided tours.

Thanks Don Thomas and VEMRA for your comment.  Mr. Thomas is a retired Canadian Forces Military Engineer who also severed in the Canadian Airborne Regiment and PPCLI. He spends his spare time volunteering at Fort Rodd Hill on Vancouver Island and is heavily involved with Military History events.  For those interested in what VEMRA means, just check out their website,

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