Markus Fahrner

I am a freelance graphic designer, book artist, book binder, letterpress printer and museum curator a the Port Moody Station Museum. As a book artist I seek to explore the microcosm within the book. I seek to explore new ways of perceiving the world that surrounds us. By creating a rich visual canvas which lets the viewer draw their on conclusions. In so doing pointing out various perspectives, rather than seeking to preach to the observer. I love the materiality of paper, print and the restraint and yet infinite worlds a book offers. Fun fact, the first etching I sold was at the age of 15 at the Frankfurt Book Fair and it featured a library with overflowing book shelves and a sleeping dog.

Link to Fahrner Design Works

Accordion Book, Markus Fahrner 2019
A short piece about the self and Descartes @ Markus Fahrner

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