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Today I updated my AirDisplay software. A cool little app which makes your iPad a second monitor for your Mac. Great when you are on the road. Lion broke this app on some Mac laptops.
Today’s update got things running again.
Well all most. InDesign acted up, folders and text boxes “stuck” to the cursor. Could no longed change desktops and enjoyed the beach ball endlessly in InDesign.
Scary when you need the computer.
That should teach me updating without thinking and waiting a while.

The CF card and it’s quest for the iPad

So you got yourself and iPad and of course hoped to upload your images from your camera. But if your camera uses a CF card – as most professional cameras do – it will not work.
I tried very thing, the usual change of cables, software updates and restores. Nothing would work. I tried a card reader and this would not work either. I went to the Apple shop tired a card reader there – again no joy.

Eventually I headed over to Terry Whites web site and to my great joy he had the answer for me.
Not all card readers work, he got a Belkin and SanDisk reader to work. Even between those two readers the use of their own cables was crucial.

So the solution get the mentioned card readers, or ask to try the one you want to buy out before hand.

Well I know what I am buying today….

Also head over to Terry’s site to watch his clip or get some more excellent information.

Illustrator tip and praise for MacJournal

In Illustrator dialogues you can move items via numerical values. The cool thing is you can use different systems, you can enter values like 12 pt + 2 mm. Illustrator automatically does the math and performs the value change.
This makes working with numeric values very easy. If someone tells you add another 2 cm, you simply type 2 cm and Illustrator will translate it into say points and execute the change.

I am actually using this Illustrator feature to try out my new MacJournal. Years ago I played around with it. Now I bought it in one of those Mac-update Bundles. It great you can send entries directly from MacJournal to your blog. This is super helpful. I am constantly taking notes and I must admit Mac-Journal is very good at assisting me. You can simply drag stuff onto it to create entries, you can careered sound and video. I am glad I bought it.

Conditional text in InDesign C4

The smoke of our move to Vancouver is clearing slowly. I have a definite sense of having arrived. So I thought I might get down to write about a great work help in InDesign

It called conditional text. It is similar to the layers principle but it is dynamic and not static. What does this mean. Conditional text will affect how the text on your layout is placed. You highlight text parts then create a new conditional text element. Now if you switch the cond. element off the text disappears and the remaining text fills the space just created.
Why would you use this feature. Well imagine producing a text which is identical for two people but for their names, perhaps their address and a few location names. Now you could create in the same position different text elements with varying length (thing a very long address compared to a short one) A layer would leave a nasty gap in your design. This new feature will harmoniously move the text around.
It gets even better. You can add loads of different cond. text elements and than group them together into a set. Now you can toggle between sets, and presto change the content while retaining your designed text.

great feature in os x I for one never knew

I thought I was pretty well versed in the use of my Mac, but today I ca across something I never knew (shame on me) I discovered on the Mac Kindergarten site.

Background scrolling!

You can scroll in windows that are currently inactive. Simply mouse over the window (resist that clicking urge) and simply scroll.

Now if you press the Apple (command ) key before you click into the window’s top you can even move it without making it active. Neat