Lbs to GSM

Here is a helpful online calculator. Often I get asked how much, say a 100 lb paper is in grams per square meters. It is quite a simple calculation: 1lb. of Text paper = 1.48 gsm. Multiply each pound of text paper by 1.48. 1 lb. of Cover paper =…


Today I updated my AirDisplay software. A cool little app which makes your iPad a second monitor for your Mac. Great when you are on the road. Lion broke this app on some Mac laptops. Today's update got things running again. Well all most. InDesign acted up, folders and text…

Calculator app

Now this is a pretty simple trick. Still its pretty need. On the calculator app you can click on the upper green button, it does not change the size of the calculator app - no instead you can use the button to move from basic to scientific to programmer.

Need to print Icons

At times you might need icons to be included in an article design for a newsletter of review. Simply select the Icon you want, do Apple+c next open Preview and do Apple+N. Presto you got a selection of different sized icons.

Conditional text in InDesign C4

The smoke of our move to Vancouver is clearing slowly. I have a definite sense of having arrived. So I thought I might get down to write about a great work help in InDesign It called conditional text. It is similar to the layers principle but it is dynamic and…