I  offer a wide variety of  creative services such as layout, graphic design, desktop publishing, typography, web design, illustration, photography and pre-press.

Here are some of the creative products I offer:

  • stationery/business cards
  • brochures
  • magazines
  • catalogues
  • annual reports
  • newsletters
  • advertisements
  • invitations
  • menu’s
  • book design
  • rackcards
  • posters
  • label design, up to date with Canadian and US food and beverage legislation
  • packaging design
  • web sites
  • photography


Current Projects – 2016

If you are living in the Tri-City area Port Coquiltam is a great place to catch my work out in the “wild.” I create poster and banners which are found all around the city. A big event is the great summer in the city festival. Make sure to look for my posters, bus shelters and program guides.

sunday coffee 2016 concert


mindfullness call for artists







I have started to work on the BC/Yukon Command Legion’s Military Service Recognition Book. You can actually download the book here. Watch out for the 2016 book it will be filled with interesting articles and great layout.12552803_877478575702210_5206693460138001401_n






A big and interesting project was Philip Be’er’s book Learning to Love. The project involved layout, the creation of original pieces of art work and marketing material. L2L-coverAfter completing the print book I started working on the e-book which can be purchased here.









I was very happy when Terrance Joseph Kosikar took the banner I designed for him to Frankfurt Germany. Please check out of his great Breaking the Chains Bc, we all need to do our bit to help PTSD – but Terrance is doing more he is flipping a tire, right this moment to raise awareness and help people suffering.12696992_1118966888216035_4426798772673942636_o12742492_10154058423324714_2278158507448028853_n


Watch out for the exciting museum displays I am creating for Port Coquitlam Heritage Society and the Port Moody Station Museum.