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Today I updated my AirDisplay software. A cool little app which makes your iPad a second monitor for your Mac. Great when you are on the road. Lion broke this app on some Mac laptops.
Today’s update got things running again.
Well all most. InDesign acted up, folders and text boxes “stuck” to the cursor. Could no longed change desktops and enjoyed the beach ball endlessly in InDesign.
Scary when you need the computer.
That should teach me updating without thinking and waiting a while.

Either Snow Leopard or CS 3

The arrival of Snow Leopard send out shockwaves. It was mostly doom and gloom what I heard about Adobe’s CS3 apps running on Apple’s latest OS.
Now I pretty much depend on these app. I cloned my system ( Carboncopycloner) and did a test update. Scary stuff would it break my design apps….
I tried pretty much everything I could think of. All kinds of effects, gradients, big files, different fonts. Opened up my old ai and inDesign files. No problems at all – I felt things were if anything running faster but that might be just my imagination.
Today I will update properly.
I do keek a carbon copy of my old system. Just to be on the safe side.
Snow Leopard and CS3 seem to work fine for me. Snow Leopard on it’s own is just great, I am pretty happy that I can finally update.