Austellung im Getty Research Institute

Artists and Their Books / Books and Their Artists

June 26–October 28, 2018, Getty Research Institute

Artists’ books occupy a creative space between traditional books and contemporary works of art, challenging what a book can be. This highly visual and experiential presentation of some of the most lively and surprising works from the Research Institute’s extensive collections focuses on artists’ books that can be unpacked, unfolded, unfurled, or disassembled. They are made to be displayed on the wall or deployed as sculptures or installations. The exhibition seeks to provoke new inquiry into the nature of art and to highlight the essential role that books play in contemporary culture.


Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695) ist neben Aesop der bekannteste Fabeldichter der Literatur. Barbara Fahrner hat neunzehen seiner Fabeln ausgewählt und illustriert. Das Buch ist von dem Wolfgang Metzner Verlag herausgeben.

Das Buch können Sie hier bestellen.


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